Dreams of a Great Small Nation

The Mutinous Army that Threatened a Revolution, Destroyed an Empire, Founded a Republic, and Remade the Map of Europe

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:  "It is an epic story unknown even to many World War I history buffs, who tend to concentrate on the trench warfare of the Western Front. . . . With admirable energy [McNamara] has assembled the story by piecing together archival records and the memoirs of the gallant men who served in the rejuvenated Czech Legion.  . . . fascinating narrative."  -- Historian and author Arthur Herman

PUBLISHERS'S WEEKLY:   "In this captivating narrative history . . .  McNamara proves to be a great storyteller . . . "

KIRKUS REVIEWS:   ". . . A fantastic addition to the shelves of World War I histories."

HISTORY OF WAR (London):  ". . . this incredible story lives up to its billing.  Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it, though, is that it's a fable that's remained largely untold.  Until now. . . . A captivating tale, brilliantly told."

THE LITERARY REVIEW (London):  "This is a very good subject and McNamara has done a creditable job."  -- Historian and author Norman  Stone.

AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC (Washington, DC):  ". . . a fresh, fascinating, and grisly narrative . . ."  -- Thomas A. Dine, President

SHELF-AWARENESS:  "Kevin J. McNamara highlights this bizarre and heroic story in Dreams of a Great Small Nation. Much of his extensive source material is only recently available, and he uses it well. The brave misadventures of the Czech Legion deserve the wider recognition this fascinating history should provide."